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"The Missing Charts"
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Diagrams and color references help the visual learner!

Introduction to Oriental Medicine through Charts and Graphs: Instructor Overhead Set, Laminated Charts, Workbook, and CD-ROM PowerPoint Presentation
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This collection was developed by Zdenek Zumr L.Ac., an instructor of Chinese Medicine at Ashmead College in Vancouver, WA, to introduce students to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM). These materials provide a quick visual summary of lectures and illustrate the framework on which TCM is built. In full color, these graphs consolidate key concepts of Tao, Yin/Yang, Five Elements, Three Treasures, Xue, Meridians, Zang/Fu, Ren/Du, Ayurveda and Aura/Chakra theory, as well as Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis. In conjunction with the Instructor Overhead Set or CD-ROM based PowerPoint presentation, connections can be easily illustrated during lectures.
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